A button captured by evil forces.

Will have to press..

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4 thoughts on “A button captured by evil forces.

    1. We want to make that every time(ideally) each level of each map is lined up with a new scheme. It`s not to easy, but that is our main idea. So, you will not get tired of replaying again and again and again crazy

    2. What do you mean by scheme? Graphical/thematical scheme, rooms scheme or both? smile

      And the game definitely seems replayable with amount of content. Speaking of it, is that violet gun from video inspired by UT Shock Rifle? wink

    3. Level design – objects, activators, buttons, enemies and other thousands things smile Each isle(level or room) will have different variations.
      The violet gun named -Laser Centurion-   It shoots laser spears and we made it without inspiration of UT smile

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