iDracula, the.

iDracula: Genesis is a rogue-like (like) isometric twin-stick shooter, set in a rather unusual universe which combines magic and post-apocalyptic ultra-modern weapons and devices. The main idea is having an awful lot of different weapons and devices and switch between those in real-time. Think Binding of Isaac meets Nuclear Throne.
The year is 420 a.c. (After Cataclysm). Whatever you knew as the Earth, no longer exists. Physics laws as you knew, no longer apply. Monsters, demons, and crazy robots are everywhere, only Hunters can survive this harsh environment – and you are one of them.

So, the Game: Stuff.

If you enjoy your typical roguelike experience, this is what you’ll find in iDracula. Procedural generation, lots and lots of upgradeable weapons, spells, perks, gadgets, devices and stuff, enemies, traps, special events and mystic shops. Permadeath – sure. Different playable characters – definitely. We’re also working on adding some unique features, one of them is local multiplayer deathmatch. Expect more info as we realize what we actually want there.

Shops and Loot.

Shops provide you with cool stuff which can completely change the way the game works.about_purchase

Guns and Such.

There are more than a hundred weapons in the game. You can equip up to 6 at the same time, and being smart about when and how to use them is the key.about_purchase
Also, each one can be upgraded with different powers, thus ensuring endless replayability there are literally billions of possible combinations you can gain.


Plenty of folks you can play as, each with unique perks and specialties. They are pretty cool, too.


Sometimes, if you’re very lucky, you can find these little fellas, which will fight for you with all they got.about_purchase


So, the game we’ve been talking about.. it looks like this: