It was a sniper (robo-sniper)

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7 thoughts on “It was a sniper (robo-sniper)

  1. Platform elements seem interesting smile. It is always nice to see new weapons too smile. How large is weapons/items count in the current build?

    1. Ah, consumable items & weapons isn`t all things that we are working on )
      There are many skills, alien artifacts (like wearable amulets), weapon`s upgrades (possible changeable) & perks.
      Think, when we`ll finished – all that stuff = about 1000 or more units..

  2. 1000 seems huge, even larger that “100 of everything” from Greenlight wink

    Now I wonder, will all of this stuff be unlocked from the start, or will some of them need unlocking, or maybe some of them will be secret/will spawn only in set locations?

  3. Hi! The game looks amazing! Do you need any voice acting for your game? You can listen to my reel here and if you like it, i’d love to voice for your game.


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