Transport in the game

Let’s talk about transports. There are plenty of those, though mostly wreckage – this is a post-apocalyptic world after all. Few exceptions you can see on these pictures. Russian transport ship which will guide you through most of the levels, is one example. Old barge, partially “repaired” by two extravagant fellows and turned into a shop. Other things.

Brand new car in 2173, some strange design isn’t it? All that is now a past, considering nuclear apocalypse and stuff. So you only gonna see this baby rusted to bones, sadly.

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6 thoughts on “Transport in the game

  1. Interesting post.

    That transport ship is especially interesting.  Does it just drops you at the start of the level, or can you move through levels (to redo them) or some sort of map using it?

    1. No, you cannot revisit levels, that would be unfair (plus, you cleared them already). However, while you travel inside a ship, you can do stuff. This is all unfinished right now, but you will be able to obtain perks and talk to NPCs, and also possibly choose next location sometimes. It will also display your current progress, and we’re still considering other functions as well.



    2. So it would be a base between levels, that’s cool.

      Could you by the way explain various things characters can get? The one bar on middle bottom is definitely weapons.  In the right corner are usable items. Are those items reusable? What about those powers in left corner and between weapons and items? There are also weapons modifications, are the perks yet another thing?

  2. Yeah, we have a bunch of mechanics. I was planning to post a detailed review, but let’s try make it short for now. to Let’s see:

    Your hero starts with default ability (currently – jump) and default basic gun with infinite ammo. You can obtain new guns, they go to middle bottom slots (4 of those – all but one locked at first, unlock by gaining levels). You can get a special gun, which is on a paddle to the right. This gun uses its own energy, and is replenished by killing monsters (very slowly), by obtaining special potion or through various other methods like passive or active items. It’s bind to RMB, so you can alternate shooting your selected weapon and your special weapon when necessary.

    You can obtain 2 skills (kinda like spells), these go to the left bottom panel and usually use mana (blue bar).

    Then there are items that give passive bonuses – “artefacts” or “relics”, Binding of Isaac style. There are active items or consumables, that one you guessed correctly. This are either limited charges (1-3) or unlimited, but rechargeable – pretty much the same as Isaac.

    Finally, there are Perks – you get one per level up (your character gains XP and levels as in RPGs and Nuclear Throne), you will choose one of random 3 or 4, and perks are specific to each character. You can also gain extra perks via items or from NPCs.

    Also, any drop you get (except for potions, coins and such) you can destroy and get something it return. For example, you can destroy gun you don’t like and scrap it for upgrade.

    As for weapon modifications (upgrades), currently they go like this(though this is a possible subject to change). When you pick one, it’s automatically assigned to your selected weapon and cannot be uninstalled.

    There are still more things like curses and blessings, but that I will be explained some other time.


    1. Thanks! Everything is pretty clear now.  I’m really excited and I can’t wait to play it.

      I have few more small questions if you don’t mind – Does the blue mana replenish automatically, or do you also need potions? Is there any limit how many items you can carry? Do Familiars count as items too, and are they still in game at this point?  I’m also curious how ammo is handled, is there one universal pickup which can refill ammo for all guns, or are there different ammo types?

  3. Mana doesn’t get replenished automatically, and yes, there are potions which are rather common. You can carry unlimited amount of passive items or familiars, but only single usable/activateable item. Familiars are not yet fully realized but there’s definitely gonna be plenty.

    Ammo is dropped rather commonly, too – and it’s not universal, each gun uses different ammo – well, you always get drops for guns you currently own, so you don’t really need to think deep into that.


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